Daylight Savings Time Means summer is coming, but You could have been saving all winter!

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As much as 1/3 of your annual energy costs are lost through your windows. EnerLogic® window films are a simple way to increase your energy cost savings in every season.

When you think of home energy improvements such as CFL lighting, insulation, and weather-stripping, think EnerLogic® films. Our films essentially give single-pane windows the annual insulating performance of double-pane windows, and make double-pane windows perform like triple-pane windows. They are the only window films on the market that offer this type of year-round performance.

Projected energy savings have been calculated using RESFEN software for homes with clear, single-pane windows.

Residential Window Tinting is the Smarter Way to Save

Residential window tinting with EnerLogic film transforms existing windows into energy efficient windows. By filtering out excess heat, glare, and Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, homeowners can see up to a significant reduction in yearly energy costs at a fraction of the investment of window replacement.

Money in the Bank
Over the product life of EnerLogic window films, homeowners with single-pane windows may expect to save an average of $3,500 on heating and cooling costs. That’s a great deal of savings on keeping your home comfy without costly or disruptive window replacement. It’s time to start saving with EnerLogic window films.

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Enerlogic This is why we are the best of the best!

Window Tinting and Energy Savings

How Does EnerLogic Work?

EnerLogic’s patent pending low-e coating redirects solar and radiant energy back to their source… for energy savings in every season!

When professionally applied to the inside surface of your existing windows as a microthin, ultra-powerful low-e window film, EnerLogic adds as much as 92 percent more insulating power to your window glass.

Sunlight still enters, but harmful UV rays, discomforting heat and glare are substantially reduced.

So while your building’s occupants enjoy a whole new level of comfort, you enjoy a whole new level of savings. And it looks great with high efficiency lighting (low iridescence).

EnerLogic low-e glass insulation technology revolutionizes window film.

A building can only be energy-efficient to the extent that its windows are energy-efficient. In summer, windows allow too much heat to enter, forcing cooling systems to work harder and making cooling costs climb. But in winter, they allow too much heat…

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Why Sun Protection ?

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Why Use Window Film? –
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Window Tinting North Carolina

Solar control window film has been around for years, but recent innovations in coatings technology has delivered films that break all the rules and common misconceptions which have discouraged consideration of this energy saving option.

Typically thought of as a dark or shiny “tint” that is useful only in the hot summer months, today’s newest generation of clear solar control films can turn a regular window into a smart window.
Using “natural light” films, homeowners can maintain and even improve the clarity of their windows while blocking out 55% of the sun’s summer heat and insulate against or in the case of Enerlogic reradiate heat back into their homes in winter.
The truth is solar control window film can save you money year-round.

While most people think of window film during the hot summer months, the newer films can provide added savings by helping lock in winter heat, providing energy savings year round.
And with their ability to block 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation, these films can play a vital role in preserving our investment in our furnishings, flooring and artwork.

So, as homeowners look to their homes as their refuge from these troubled times, it’s good to know that there are reasonably priced steps available to help them take full advantage of their investment.

Clear “natural light” solar films deliver:

Clarity – maintaining natural light, important on cloudy days, while providing superior insulation.
Maximum flexibility – allowing homeowners to use the film selectively – only where needed – without changing the appearance of filmed windows. No need to waste money filming other windows simply to maintain uniform appearance of window glass.
Reduced demand for costly interior lighting upgrades to offset loss of light due to installation of tinted window film.
Regardless, if clear film or tinted film is applied to a home, the benefits will start to show immediately. Despite the time of year, homeowners can realize significant savings on their heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, repairs needed to cooling and heating systems will be reduced as the need to run these systems will be reduced. Do the math in a short time period this investment will pay for itself, then continue to save you money on energy bills, furniture upholstry and hard wood refinishing.

Window Film Raleigh, NC Enerlogic Energy Savings


Situation:The Marriott in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has always


operated with the comfort of its guests as a priority.


One aspect of guestroom comfort that the hotel’s managers


couldn’t fully control, however, was the blazing summer sun


streaming into the building’s windows. Even operating at full


capacity, the building’s HVAC systems could sometimes only


cool the sunniest rooms down to 78°F, and more than a few


guests indicated this was too warm.




The building’s owners contacted


Sun Protection, the local


Vista™ window film dealer, in the hopes of controlling the


sun. Enerlogic®35 window insulating film proved to be the


best solution. Its Low-E capabilities help keep solar heat


from entering rooms in hot weather and help prevent radiant


warmth from escaping during cold weather. The net result


is more constant interior temperatures plus energy savings,


UV protection, and reduced glare—all without a dark, tinted




The film’s quick installation time made it easy for crews toservice rooms between check-out and check-in. As a result,


nearly 800 windows were covered in about 10 days without


disruptions to bookings.




Kevin Grass, a LEED AP and principal in the investment group that


owns the property, affirms that “the comfort level of our guests


has improved. We were getting a lot of complaints from guests


about being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.


With the EnerLogic film installed, those complaints are now gone.”


From an HVAC standpoint, their same mechanical systems can now


achieve an interior cooling temperature of 72°F, even in rooms


that were once the hottest.


According to Grass, management’s primary goal


was to enhance guestroom comfort; however,


they’ve also enjoyed the additional benefit


of energy savings. Annual heating and


cooling costs are expected to drop 5%,


with corresponding savings in excess


of $24,000. Projected payback for the


project: just over three years.


Ultimately, the hotel’s owners discovered EnerLogic film to be


an excellent alternative to


replacement windows, providing


a comparable enhancement


in performance, but with cleaner


installation and more rapid payback.


Typically about one-third of a building’s annual heating and cooling costs are directly related to window performance.

In the past, improving year-round window performance meant committing to costly window replacement. But now Solutia

has developed EnerLogic, a series of window films that provide the most advanced glass insulation technology on the market.

Not only does EnerLogic window film help keep heat out during the summer (just like conventional window film), it is the only window film that helps

keep radiant heat inside during the winter.

As the first all-climate, all-season window film on the market, EnerLogic window film actually improves a window’s year-round insulating performance

up to 92% versus 44% for conventional window film. This difference typically provides up to three times more overall annual heating and cooling savings

than other films. To create such impressive savings, EnerLogic film uses a patent-pending low emissivity (low-e) coating. This coating consists of a microthin metal

or metallic oxide layer that redirects solar and radiant energy back to their source to substantially reduce harmful UV rays, as well as uncomfortable heat and glare.

The newest member of the EnerLogic family, EnerLogic70, actually uses a layer of gold for its excellent corrosion resistance and ability to reflect heat and radiation.

While replacing windows is still a viable option for cutting energy costs, consider that installing EnerLogic film typically costs about one-third the cost of window replacement.

The film is easy to install on the interior surface of windows, and requires little, if any, disruption of daily life within the building. By utilizing existing windows, window film avoids

the need to send old windows to the landfills. Best of all, EnerLogic film often pays for itself in savings in less than three years – compared to the 15 – 20 year payback often

associated with replacement windows. And because EnerLogic film often qualifies for utility company rebates, a return on investment may come even quicker. With annual savings

of up to 40% on heating and cooling costs, EnerLogic window film offers a crystal clear solution for energy efficiency.

Whether a commercial office building, school, health care facility, retail space or residence, EnerLogic window film can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of almost

any building. Historic sites have even benefited from EnerLogic film’s ability to adhere to the irregular surface of antique window panes. EnerLogic film also helps protect the

investment made on interior furnishings by blocking up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that can cause fading. Even with all this protection against solar heat, EnerLogic70 allows

building interiors to remain bright and vibrant with its visible light transmission (VLT) of up to 70%. (VLT indicates how much sunlight window film allows in while continuing to

block solar heat; EnerLogic 70’s high VLT makes the film virtually invisible.)

Enerlogic window film is already achieving real-world results. “As a project manager of a new SILVER LEED building that had serious heat and glare issues on the Northwest side,

we were challenged to find the right solution to assist with these issues” says Robert Newton, Project Manager at NovusINT. “After much research on the available options, we chose

EnerLogic window film as the solution. Not only has it reduced the glare (resulting in a more comfortable and productive environment for the employees), but it also has reduced the

load on the heating and cooling units which in turn has saved us money. Based on our annualized savings, it will be cost-neutral in about 3 years. Solutia has been great to work with in

ensuring that the product is of the highest quality and that our satisfaction is guaranteed. Not only do we have a SILVER LEED certified building, we have one that the employees are comfortable

in all seasons!”

Enerlogic the Gold Standard

Contact us for more information on how Enerlogic and Sun Protection can make your home or Commercial building more energy efficient.


Developed as part of Solutia’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency, the EnerLogic window film series features a patent-pending, low-e coating that effectively transforms the insulating power of single-pane windows into double-pane and double-pane windows into triple-pane for year-round energy savings.
Building on the success of EnerLogic 35, launched in 2010, EnerLogic 70 is the next generation of EnerLogic glass insulation technology that combines industry-leading low-e performance with a virtually invisible appearance.
“The performance of this newest EnerLogic film is unprecedented,” said Wing Kwang, global business director for Solutia’s Performance Films division. “With visible light transmission of up to 70 percent, EnerLogic 70 window film offers energy savings with a clear view that ultimately maintains the look of the existing glass.”
With EnerLogic 70 low-e window film, heat from the summer sun is reflected away from windows, easing the stress on air conditioners. In winter, radiant heat from a home’s heating system is directed back into the room, decreasing energy use, improving comfort and reducing energy bills during both seasons.
“Today, energy savings and efficiency are not part-time propositions,” said Jeremy Verstraete, global business manager for the Performance Films division’s architectural segment. “Windows typically account for 25 percent of annual heating and cooling costs, but can be responsible for as much as 40 percent. Energy efficiency must be managed across all seasons in every possible climate region.”
In addition to reduced energy bills, further savings and benefits can be attained by choosing EnerLogic 70 window film over other options, such as window replacement. Unlike window replacement, professional window film installation is quick, clean and non-intrusive. Additionally, the refuse generated by window replacement often ends up in landfills.
EnerLogic window film was recently recognized by Architectural Products Magazine for its excellence in product innovation for the following categories: Solar Control Protection, Moisture/Thermal Protection and Windows/Doors/Openings.

Lets sunLight in
but keeps solar heat out
to heLp reduce your cooLing biLLs.
window fiLm makes your home more comfortabLe.
(and Lowers your energy biLLs, too.)
In cold weather, even multi-pane windows allow
warmth to escape from your home. EnerLogic®
window film helps keeps radiant heat inside your
home to increase comfort and decrease wasted
energy. It’s the only window film of its type that
has demonstrated heating savings in cold-weather
climates – up to 10% on single-pane windows!
add an insuLating Layer
that dramaticaLLy reduces
thE warMth Lost
through your windows.
energy savings equivalent to replacing
35 (60-watt) light bulbs.
The year-round energy savings from adding EnerLogic®
to an average home is equivalent to replacing all the light
bulbs in your home with energy-efficient cFLs.
3x more total cooling and heating
savings of other comparable films.
A less expensive, more convenient
alternative to replacement windows.
Until now, the best way to upgrade your windows
for all-season performance has been to replace them
with better windows. But EnerLogic®
film is about
one-third the cost of replacement windows, and
far less disruptive to your home.
film upgrades the annual insulating
performance of single-pane windows to that of
double-pane windows, and makes double-pane
windows perform like triple-pane
! It’s the perfect
balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and costsavings—all year long.
single pane windows + enerLogic®
window film
= Dual pane windows

It works in the Winter too!

As a company that sales and installs solar window films the winter usually is full of commercial,decorative and automotive projects, with the residential client only if they realize that you still get UV and fading in the winter and even when it is cloudy, but you also lose heat through the windows during the winter. Windows and doors contribute up to 30 percent of heat loss and gain in a home, by direct conduction through the glass and via air leakage through the window assembly.[2] The US Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that heat loss and gain through today’s windows account for approximately 4 percent of total domestic energy consumption.[3] Efficiency strategies vary widely based on regional climate considerations: windows can account for 25 percent of of a typical home’s heating energy load in cooler climates, and as much as 50 percent of the cooling load for homes in warmer climates.[4] Windows cover between 10 and 25 percent of the exterior surface area in new homes and selecting windows designed to either retain or repel heat is an important aspect of a whole-house energy efficiency plan. The DOE advocates reducing the environmental emissions from heating and cooling systems—some 150 million tons of CO2 alone annually—from 20-50 percent. Typical kwh saved per day with our Enerlogic $3.87-$4.18 so at 30-31 days on the energy bill that would save 115.00-130.00 per month!

Prior Month Prior Year

Item 08/17/11 08/18/10 Difference
Days in Period 32 32 0
Avg Daily kWh 179 215 -36
Avg Daily kWh Cost $17.53 $21.73 -$4.20
Total kWh 5,739 6,866 -1,127
Avg kWh Rate $.0977 $.1013 -$.0035
Avg Daily High Temp 93 92 1
Avg Daily Low Temp 73 74 -1
Avg Daily Temp 83 83 0.00 %
Rate Schedule RES RES No Change
Taxes $17.03 $21.07 -$4.04
Other Charges
$6.78 $13.76 -$6.98
Electric Charges $560.87 $695.35 -$134.48
Total Bill $584.68 $730.18 -$145.50
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Prior Month Prior Year

Item 07/18/11 07/16/10 Difference
Days in Period 29 30 -1
Avg Daily kWh 166 211 -45
Avg Daily kWh Cost $16.27 $21.36 -$5.09
Total kWh 4,817 6,322 -1,505
Avg kWh Rate $.0980 $.1014 -$.0034
Avg Daily High Temp 92 93 -1
Avg Daily Low Temp 71 71 0
Avg Daily Temp 81 82 -1.22 %
Rate Schedule RES RES No Change
Taxes $14.36 $19.44 -$5.08
Other Charges
$11.56 $7.09 $4.47
Electric Charges $471.85 $640.79 -$168.94
Total Bill $497.77 $667.32 -$169.55
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